Прочитайте приведенные ниже тексты. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. Заполните пропуски полученными словами.
ex-1-rd_royal_theatre.jpgFor years the old town theatre was a failure. It was very expensive but not comfortable, and most of the plays performed were (POPULAR).
In an attempt to make it more (COMMERCE), they began putting on more comedies and well known, successful dramas.
Because the audiences were made up of (MAIN) young people with low incomes and students, discounted tickets were introduced.
In (ADD), there was the issue of the uncomfortable seating. Despite the huge cost, the old seats were ripped out and new ones installed.
All of these measures made the theatre's new owner rather (ANXIETY). Would there be enough new customers to make up for all the money invested?
But in (REAL) everything has worked out really well. Audiences are on average three times larger than before. The theatre is now an outstanding success.

ex-2-snowdon-np-brand.jpg'Snowdonia for All' is a project which aims to encourage disadvantaged people to visit Snowdonia and have an enjoyable and relaxing time. The project is the outcome of cooperation between the National Park Consultation Group and various (ENVIRONMENT) protection groups.
All of these organisations have been involved in the (PRESERVE) of walking paths across the beautiful northern Welsh countryside.
The area has witnessed a lot of (DEVELOP) in recent years while at the same time seeking to maintain the essential character and atmosphere of this beautiful park.
And in fact it is the Welsh National Assembly rather than the Westminster government that has been made (RESPONSE) for drawing together a number of difficult issues. For example, local (POLITICS) do want to see a big increase in the number of visitors to the region but at the same time they want to preserve the quiet beauty of the landscape.
Also there is the ongoing commitment to provide more jobs, especially those connected to tourism. But achieving solid (ECONOMY) growth and preserving an ancient landscape is never easy.

ex-3-stratford-upon-avon.jpgStratford is famous for Shakespeare. Of this there is no doubt. But in reality there are hundreds of diverse and wonderful things to do and see there. To manage all of them on a day visit would be a (FRUIT) task.
The more (ADVENTURE) tourists, who total more than 3.5 million annually, are not content with a quick visit to Anne Hathaway's cottage.
As well as the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, there are The Courtyard, The Other Place, The Waterside and The Swan theatres. Stratford is a (SIGNIFY) location for the dramatic arts in the UK. Sheep Street is (GENERAL) the busiest location in Stratford. Twice in Shakespeare's life time it burned down (1595 and 1614) but it is the best place to eat in a town with a wealth of superb restaurants.
Of course one should visit all the Shakespeare sights. Not least the building where the bard was born — under the excellent (MANAGE) care of The Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust.
But there are beautiful bridges, pubs and shops. Stratford has museums for cars, teddy bears and art as well as a brass rubbing centre, butterfly farm and factory shop. In (REAL) you are spoiled for choice.

ex-16-london.jpgLondon, New York and Moscow are my favourite cities in the world. I am lucky enough to have spent a amount of time living and working in each. Having to choose one would be (POSSIBLE).
I love these cities and it would be like asking to say which your favourite child is. But that is not to say they are (DISTINGUISH). They have different characters, moods and of course different qualities.
I am English, generations of my family were born in London and unquestionably the longest period of my working life was in this City. It is full of history, fabulous (BUILD) and beautiful parks.
ex-16-newyork.jpgBut London, in terms of sheer energy, bustle and buzz cannot (REALIST) come close to New York. Just walking the streets is exciting. If you could smell and taste optimism this would be the place to breathe it all in.
But over the last 10 or 15 years Moscow has won my heart. These have been years of constant change and reinvention. Moscow has also, arguably, become the new (CULTURE) capital of the planet.
But if I am honest it is not the wide streets, or the admittedly (IMPRESS) architecture that most excites me. It is the people. Moscow seems to be really welcoming to most foreigners. I for one feel completely at home in the city.