Infinitive/Gerund 1

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the conversation between a travel agent and a woman, using the infinitive or the -ing form.
A: Good morning, madam. Can I help you?

W: Yes, I'd like (book) a holiday, please.

A: Certainly. I must (ask) you a few questions. Now ... where would you like (go)? How long are you going (stay)? Would you prefer (have) a relaxing beach holiday or (go) sightseeing? What countries are you interested in (visit)? What means of transport do you prefer?

W: Well, young man. I don't know where (go) or how long (stay). I hate (go) to the beach and I don't enjoy sightseeing. I don't want (visit) any foreign countries because foreign food makes me (feel) ill. As for means of transport, I'm too frightened (fly) in an aeroplane. I hate (go) on boats, I don't like (travel) by train and travelling on a coach makes me (feel) sick.

A: Well madam, I don't know what (suggest). I don't want (appear) rude, but I really think you should (stay) at home!