Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous?

Joy is going to publish a book ‘STAR stripes” about the famous pop stars. Read some extracts from Joy’s book and decide what verb form should be used: Past Perfect or Past Perfect Progressive?
1. Before Barbra Streisand became a superstar she (sing) in the high school chorus for many years. Her classmates said she (not be) the best at school and (never sing) a solo.
2. Before The Beatles formed their group they (study) at the same institute - the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.
3. In their interview to the BBC Spice Girls said that they (never expect) the kind of success they achieved but they (dream) about it all their life.
4. Enrique Iglesias began his career in 1995, when he was 20 years old. His first album which he secretly (plan) since he was 16 was a great success. His parents were shocked when the album appeared because Iglesias (not share) his plans with them.
5. Before Steve Lewis got into show business he (form) a group with one of his school friends. He always wanted to be a pop star, but he (never dream) that he would make it to the top.
6. In one of her interviews Madonna said she deserved the glory she had because she (work) hard for it since her childhood: she (give) up the things she loved and (learn) to do the things she hated.