The Worst Crime

Read the text. Use the words given in capitals to form a word that fits the gap.

The worst crime

What do you think the worst crime is? A recent survey showed that there are some crimes, such as 1) ___ (ROB) which are common all over the world. People often come back from holiday to find a 2) ___ (BURGLE) has been inside their home and stolen their precious things but we know nobody has been hurt. In the survey other crimes were rated as much worse. People thought someone who is an 3) ___ (ARSON) was committing a much worse crime than a 4) ___ (SMUGGLE). This was because crimes where people can get hurt were considered much more serious. For example, the people questioned said they thought 5) ___ (JOYRIDE) should always go to prison because although they have only stolen a car they can hurt people by driving too fast. This is despite the fact that usually people who get convicted for 6) ___ (SPEED) tend to only get a fine. However, the new technology crimes, such as 7) ___ (HACK) are the ones that people are most concerned about as, although these criminals are often concerned with destroying organisations or governments, they are also responsible for 8) ___ (IDENTIFY) theft, which can turn individuals' lives upside down.